Venue Accessiblity

Facility  Premier Enclosure Grandstand Enclosure Course Enclosure
Disabled Parking Yes Yes Yes
Entrance Accessible for Wheelchair Users Yes Yes Yes
Disabled/Wheelchair User Toilet  Yes Yes Yes
Lift Accessible to Wheelchair Users Yes N/A N/A
Refreshment Areas Accessible to Wheelchair Users Yes Yes Yes
Racecard/Admission Huts Accessible to Wheelchairs Users Yes Yes Yes
Designated Viewing Areas Yes Yes Yes
Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs & Dogs for the Disabled Welcome Yes Yes Yes
Carer's Entry Scheme Yes Yes Yes
First Aid Yes Yes Yes
Parkingaby Changing & Feeding Room Yes Yes Yes

There are allocated parking spaces in the Members Car Park, the Main Car Park and the Course Enclosure. All of the designated parking is close to the entrance gates.


There is a specially designated external elevated viewing platform in the Premier Enclosure overlooking the winning post. All restaurants and hospitality boxes have lift access.

There is an area reserved for wheelchairs in our Hatherleigh Viewing Area in the Premier Enclosure.

Raised external viewing area in the Grandstand Enclosure.


All bars and catering facilities are accessible to wheel chair users.


Toilets accessible by wheelchair users are available in all enclosures.

Toilets fitted with ambulant fittings are available throughout site.


Tote facilities are available in all enclosures.

The Tote is happy to help any one with difficulties placing a bet. Please feel free to ask for assistance from one of our many 'Ladies in Red' at a Tote Window.


Racegoers in wheelchairs and an accompanying carer will only be charged for a single admission. For further information please contact the Racecourse Office on 01963 435 840.

Induction Loops

Will be available shortly at racecourse entrances and Tote betting kiosks on request.

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